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Just as a great resume is the first step to a great job, clear and concise communication is the key to doing the job well. Our free job letter samples cover a wide range of situations that you would come across in your career. These samples will help you draft your official communication in the right manner.

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One needs to write a series of professional letters throughout their career journey – right from effectively marketing themselves to potential employers to drafting a resignation letter. Professional letter writing is a skill which needs to be taken very seriously. A minor mistake in the letter may end up in shattering your impression. It is a risky affair. It’s important that the professional letters make the best impression on the reader. Concise, focused, neatly formatted and well-written letters at the right time can make a lot of difference. We have made a collection of sample letter formats which will be helpful in your professional life. Choose from a variety of free letter formats and customize to fit in your requirements. Alternatively, you can review our letter samples to see what well-written professional letters look like and get inspired to write professional letters on your own.

Our writers are highly specialized and have spent many years writing business and professional letters for many different purposes. Find free samples of basic business letters such as Cover Letter, Letter of Inquiry, Letter of Application, Post interview Thank You letters, Appointment Letters, Job offer acceptance letter, Appreciation letter, promotion letter, Reference letter, resignation letters and many more letter formats. They are available for download for free to assist you in writing your own letters.

Free letter formats

It is important to focus on capturing the appropriate tone, using the right language, and including all the appropriate elements when it comes to writing a business letter. Each letter has its own requirements. However, we have tried to include samples for a variety of situations which can be easily molded according to your purpose of the letter. We want you to leave the best impression on the recipients of your business letters. If you are a job seeker, have a look at our sample cover letters and resume templates too.