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A cover letter is the first impression that a recruiter or an employer gets about your suitability for the job that you have applied for. It’s an opportunity for you to succinctly summarize your candidature by complementing the contents of your resume. Our sample cover letters span a variety of designations and industries and will help you create a favourable first impression.

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Cover letter is the first communication you make with your employer. Cover letter makes the first impression about you – probably, even before you meet each other. We help you make it the best impression. A good cover letter helps you to get noticed from among the hundreds of job applications an employer might receive, thus leveraging your chance of getting hired. We have pooled sample cover letters and cover letter templates that helps you make a statement cover letter. Browse through our library of industry-specific cover letter formats with pre - written phrases which puts your most marketable skills under lime light. Adopt or get inspired on how to create a professional cover letter. All you have to do is pick the one which suits you and plug in your information.

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Your cover letter shouldn't just be a repetition of your resume. It is a document to showcase your personality, accomplishments, and skills that specifically apply to the position you apply for. Choose attention grabbing cover letters from the well crafted collection from all job profiles. Download sample cover letters for freshers for free. Cover letter templates are crafted keeping in mind the needs of the specific industries. Our templates gives broad guidelines for you to follow so that you can build the cover letter which the employer cannot miss to notice. Download free resume templates for all levels. Find sample resumes and professional resume templates for freshers and experienced professionals for different job profiles. Make customized and tailored cover letters and templates as per your profile. Create a convincing cover letter in minutes with our Cover Letter Builder. Our builder is designed to let you create a professional cover based on what the highlight of your resume is. Then, just fill in additional information in the blanks and you are all set.