Visual Resume

What is a visual resume, and why should I go for it as compared to a text resume?

A Visual Resume is a text resume with visual highlights that will help recruiters to instantly grab key information about your profile. It highlights your skills and achievements to help you stand out from other applicants that a recruiter might be processing. While a text resume ensures that all your skills and achievements are highlighted textsxually, a visual resume helps to create more impact by using visually distinctive headers and infographics to convey this key information

Does it make sense for me to go for a visual resume even if I am not from a field that uses visual information?

A Visual Resume is equally effective for any industry. Irrespective of the field you are from, our expert writers will extract the key information regarding your skills, qualifications, and achievements, and present them visually to help you make an instant impact on recruiters.

Do I need to send any pictures to the resume writer?

You will have to send us a professional profile picture to be included in your resume. In addition, you can also provide any visuals or infographics that you feel might add value to your profile. In such a case, the writer will choose relevant visuals in consultation with you.

What kind of visuals can I send, and what if I don’t have any relevant visuals?

You can send visuals relating to your professional or academic milestones such as awards, certifications etc. In case you do not have any such visuals, the resume writer will create appropriate visuals to reflect the required information

Can I see some resume samples before I pay?

Yes, you can view some sample resumes developed by us before you may your payment. Click here to view the visual resume samples.

Will I receive a hard copy of my developed resume?

No, we do not send hard copies of the resume. Only a soft copy will be shared.

Do I need to give a final approval before my resume is finalized?

Yes, we require a final approval from you by email before your final resume draft is shared.

Can I ask for modifications after my resume has been finalized?

After your resume has been finalized, we will not make any further modifications to it. If you require our assistance to make the modifications, you will be required to buy the service again.

Does a visual resume guarantee that I would get calls from recruiters?

While a visual resume will definitely help you gain the attention of recruiters, the chances of this service helping you get a call from a recruiter depends on various factors such as demand for your profile and skill-set, the number of applicants for a particular job and your ability to demonstrate the skills and attributes stated your resume etc.

Several external factors such as market conditions and hiring rates for particular industries also will affect your chances of being shortlisted or finding a job. Therefore, we do not guarantee that using these services will get you a recruiter call or a job.