Combo Deals

Why should I opt for a combo deal?

A combo deal offers you a combination of our services at a discounted price (15 % to 20% less). It helps you pay less for a services bundle as compared to what you would pay if you opted for them individually.

How do I choose the right combo deal for me?

We have segregated the combos based on experience levels to help you choose the deal that is apt for your experience level. You can also go for an advanced combo if you feel that your social profile too is in need of modification, or if you would like your resume to be spotlight or forwarded for upto 6 months.

Can two combo deals be purchased at a time?

The combo deals have been created in such a manner that you will not require two of them together. In case you add a second combo to your shopping cart, the previously added combo will be replaced by the new combo.