VConnect - Voice Broadcasting

Wisdom Jobs is the only job portal that offers voice broadcasting facility - through its solution VConnect -to connect recruiters to jobseekers

Voice Broadcast

This unique service is offered exclusively by Wisdom Jobs in India.

The facility provides for scheduling and making calls that play pre-recorded voice messages to inform or remind potential candidates about action(s) from their side.

Supplements the mass emailing and bulk SMSing features offered along with database access.

How does it work?

  1. Record a message through our call service.
  2. Identify the phone numbers you would like this message to be sent to
  3. VConnect will call your candidate and play the pre-recorded message.

WHY VConnect?

High Rate of Response

Ensures a higher rate of response and positive action from recipients

Effective Reminders

Especially effective as reminders for scheduled assessments and interviews

Credible Call-Source

Recipients will see the calls coming from mobile numbers rather than Fixed Line numbers, thereby increasing the chances of the call being answered

Automate Follow-ups

Helps in automating the process of following up with, and eliciting responses from already contacted candidates at various stages of the recruitment process