Recruit quality candidates by creating and customizing your own assessments or use Pragnya Meter to filter out unwanted resumes.

Increase in Profile Quality

By enabling you to assess candidates with Pragnya Meter before processing them for further rounds, we increase the quality of shortlisted candidates and reduce the probability of mismatched profiles. Resulting in reduced time between the hiring request and filling of the position

Versatile Question Paper Formats

Multiple options when it comes to question sets and patterns giving you great flexibility in conducting assessments across skill and experience levels

Customizable tests

Conduct online pre-screening/assessment rounds by administering customized question papers (sent as a test link) to your shortlisted candidates. You can choose to create a test, customize an existing test, or request a predesigned test from us

Question Types

Assessments can be conducted through objective-type questions or subjective, essay type questions

Hire Experienced Candidates

Online Pragnya Meter assessments will help you assess even candidates with higher experience levels who might otherwise be unwilling to be put through written assessments during their interviews


Secure Environment

Pragnya Meter assessments are conducted in a secure environment that maintains the integrity of testing at all times.

Cheating Prevention

Our system automatically responds to suspicious user behavior by terminating the test

Secure Login and IP Restriction

Test-takers are verified using a secure identification process. Candidate logins can even be restricted to specific IP addresses

Video Recording of Test Taker

Entire test sessions are recorded along with periodical screen grabs, facilitating review at a later time