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Job Vacancies in Bhimavaram can be found at Bhimavaram is known for agriculture-based businesses like food processing, aqua culture, rice mills etc. It is an important centre for commerce and business. The government is rolling out various development projects to bring about infrastructural developments in Bhimavaram. Godavari Mega Aqua Food Park Private Ltd is coming up at Bhimavaram. It offers pre-processing, processing, packaging, storage and transportation facilities for both farmers and processors of aqua food processing industry. The project is for 125 crore and the group has already spent 20-25 crore. Once fully operational, it will generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in Bhimavaram in the field of processing, packaging, logistics and related fields. It is being set up with the help of the Union Food Processing Ministry. This project is expected to change the outlook of the city completely. 

Job Vacancies in Bhimavaram

Job Opportunities in Bhimavaram are updated at along with important links and dates. Bhimavaram is rich in aqua wealth. Many companies related to aqua business is coming down to Bhimavaram to set up their businesses and development centres. There are opportunities in many fields like finance and banking, teaching, HR, sales and marketing, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, engineering, IT, logistics, administration etc. Explore job vacancies in Bhimavaram for graduates. Opportunities are available as accountants, medical representatives, managers, sales executives etc.
There are medical coding and billing company looking to hire graduates in biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, radiology, pharmacy etc as medical coding executives and medical transcriptionists for attractive salary and other perks like free transportation in Bhimavaram.  
There are numerous educational institutions including professional colleges and technical colleges in and around Bhimavaram. Find teaching jobs in Bhimavaram in schools and colleges that matches your skill, experience and qualifications. Sign up with Wisdom to know more about Bhimavaram jobs and to apply for them. Get notified about latest walk ins conducted by companies in Bhimavaram.


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