Poll History

S.No. Question Website Section Date
1 Did your internship during college help you in your job? Job Seeker 2016-08-22
2 What key benefit do you desire in your next position? 2016-08-15
3 What is your biggest concern with regard to your job search? 2016-08-08
4 How clearly do recruiters explain the details of a job to you? 2016-08-01
5 Are you satisfied with your current resume? 2016-07-25
6 How consistently does your organization reward you for good work? 2016-07-18
7 How easy is it for you to get the resources you need to do your job well at your company? 2016-07-11
8 How effectively are your skills being put to use at your company? 2016-07-04
9 According to you, what is the most effective means of job searching? 2016-06-27
10 How fair is your employer's sick leave policy? Job Seeker 2016-06-20
11 How comfortable are you with your organization's work environment? Job Seeker 2016-06-13
12 How long did you stay at your first job? Job Seeker 2016-06-06
13 How important do you feel is having a dress code in the company? 2016-05-30
14 What do you think affects your job search the most? Job Seeker 2016-05-23
15 Does your employer provide formal training to you? Job Seeker 2016-05-16
16 Does on-the-job training improve your chances of finding a better job in future? Job Seeker 2016-05-09
17 How long after graduating did you find a job? Job Seeker 2016-05-02
18 Do you feel you are overqualified for the type of work you are doing? Job Seeker 2016-04-25
19 What of these would be the biggest reason to turn down a job offer? Job Seeker 2016-04-18
20 Do you have any certifications under your belt? Job Seeker 2016-04-11
21 Which of these has had the biggest impact on which jobs you apply for? Job Seeker 2016-04-04
22 Do you think skill assessments should be part of the interview process? Job Seeker 2016-03-28
23 Do you think you have a good social profile? Job Seeker 2016-03-21
24 Which type of interview do you prefer? Job Seeker 2016-03-14
25 Are you satisfied with your current resume? Job Seeker 2016-03-07
26 What would make you say no to a job offer? Job Seeker 2016-02-29
27 Who will you consult prior to making a final decision about an offer? Job Seeker 2016-02-22
28 What is most important to you in switching jobs? Job Seeker 2016-02-15
29 Do companies give you enough notice before job interviews? Job Seeker 2016-02-08
30 Do you receive prompt responses to your job applications? Job Seeker 2016-02-01
31 Are most interviewers professional and knowledgeable? Job Seeker 2016-01-25
32 Are you able to get information about the status of your application throughout the hiring process? Job Seeker 2016-01-18
33 What motivates you the most in your job? Job Seeker 2016-01-11
34 What is most important to you in considering a particular job? Job Seeker 2016-01-04
35 Given a chance, would you join a startup? Job Seeker 2015-12-28
36 Are you in favour of flexible work timings? Job Seeker 2015-12-21
37 Would you prefer a work-from-home arrangement? Job Seeker 2015-12-14
38 How long have you been searching for a new job? Job Seeker 2015-12-07
39 How active is your job search right now? Job Seeker 2015-11-30

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Did your internship during college help you in your job?

I did not participate in an internship