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Tripura PSC Civil Service Syllabus

The provision for constitution of Public Service Commission was first incorporated under Article 96C of the Government of India Act,1919. Thereafter in 1923 ‘Lee Commission’ was constituted for the purpose of formulating the principles/terms and conditions of Public Service Commission. Subsequently, as per recommendations of the ‘Lee Commission’ Federal Public Service Commission was established in India for the first time, on 1st October, 1926. Lee Commission also recommended for establishment of Provincial Public Service Commissions.

Tripura got her statehood on 21st January,1972  and Tripura Public Service Commission was established on 30th October, 1972, under the provisions of Article 315 of the Constitution of India. Sri G.P.Bagchi was the first Chairman and Sri I. K. Roy was the first Member of the Tripura Public Service Commission. The Commission is, at present, located at the old Assembly House of Tripura, at Akhaura Road, Agartala.

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Syllabus for Mains Exam Science & Technical Papers

Group – A : Classical Algebra.

Zeroes of a polynomial, transformation of equations, solution of a cubic and a biquadratic equation, Determinant and matrices, minors and cofactors, rank of a matrix, solution of a system of linear equations, Jacobi’s theorem. Hermitan and skew hermitian matrices. 

Inequalities, A.M>G.M>H.M, mith power theorem, Cauchy – Schwartz theorem, Weierstrass’ theorem.

De Moivre’s theorem and its application, exponential sine, Cosine and logarithm of a complex number, hyperbolic functions, Gregory’s series. Boolean algebra, definition and examples, Boolean functions, application to switching circuits.

Group – B : Abstract and Linear Algebra.

Groups, Subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups, cosets, Lagrange’s theorem, normal subgroups, quotient groups, homomorphism and isomorphism of groups, Kernel of group homomorphism. 

Rings, integral domain, skew field, field, sub rings, subfields.

Linear spaces and subspaces, basis, Linear transformation, rank and nullity theorem, Existence theorem for basis, replacement theorem, extension theorem.

Inner product space, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalisation process, eigen values, eigen vectors, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, real quadratic forms, index, rank and signature.

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