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RBI Assistant Interview Questions and Tips

If you are also appearing for RBI Assistant Interview, this article is for you. Here we will provide you a gist of expected areas from where the question may be asked from you in your Rbi Assistant Interview 2017.

RBI Assistant Interview Marks:

The Common Interview for RBI Assistant will be of 100 Marks.

RBI Assistant Interview Cutoff:

The Cutoff for RBI Assistant Interview will be decided by the Reserve Bank of India.

RBI Assistant Interview Important Topics:-

The RBI Assistant Interview will be testing you on the following 5 Topics.

·         Your Personal Information/ Educational Background.

·         Your Banking Knowledge.

·         Knowledge of Current Events.

·         Basic Knowledge about Computer.

·         About RBI (History and Current Scenario).

Let us discuss each of these 5 topics regarding IBPS RRB Interview in detail:

1. Your Personal Information:

· You should thoroughly prepare every point mentioned in your biodata, that includes your educational qualifications, personal information, hobbies, strengths, weakness, Extracurricular activities you have participated in, your prior work experience (if applicable.)

· In these type of questions, you need to be more confident as these questions are directly related to you.

· So, be ready with an answer even if they ask you about your weakness.

2. Banking Knowledge:

You must have a decent knowledge about the Banking Sector. For a quick revision, go through these topi 

·  Types of Bank, Nationalized banks

·  About RBI.

·  Types of Accounts in Bank.

·  Cheque, Demand Drafts, ATM Cards.

·  Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, CRR, SLR, MSF

·  Base Rate, Inflation, Deflation, Base Rate, Core Banking Solutions

·  Financial Market, CD, Commercial papers.

·  The balance of Payments.

3. Current Affairs:

· You can expect at least a few questions from Current Affairs (especially from past three months).

· The Key here is to go through all the major happenings like recent awards, Political issues, Sports related questions, and other issues of national or international importance.

4. Computer Knowledge:

· You might expect a few questions here also.

·  So, atlest once go through the basic computer terminology.

5. About RBI (History and Current Scenario).

This is one of the most favorite areas of the Interview Panel.Be ready for it otherwise you may lose your chances of selection.Go through the following topics for the same:

· RBI Current Policy & Reserve Rates

· Knowledge of Work Areas of RBI.

· RBI Rules & Regulations.

· Policies of RBI & any news related to RBI.

RBI Assistant Interview Questions:

Important Banking Interview Questions that can help you in your RBI Assistant Interview.

·  Why Banking Sector?

·  Why Government Job? 1. Why Banking Sector? 

· This question will definitely be asked as why Banking Sector?

· The reason being that the RBI Interview Panel wants to know, why you want to join banking sector especially RBI.

· If you are going for RBI Assistant interview with degrees like B.Tech or MBA, this will generally be your First question.

· The key here is to be genuine in your answer and answering it in a convincing manner.

2. Why Government Job?

·  This is a generic question. So when you are going for this RBI Assistant Interview, be very clear in your mind that why you want to join the government sector.

·  The answer can be revolved around job security and respect in the society.

· To go a step further, you can even quote some examples of your relatives, parents etc that are associated with a government job or for that matter RBI.

RBI Assistant Interview – Do’s & Don’ts

You have already seen the most important RBI Assistant Questions, now have a look at the Do’s & Don’ts for the RBI Assistant interview.


·         Show confidence.

·         Be graceful

·         Be well mannered.

·         Keep yourself modest.

·         Most importantly, reach the venue on time


·         Brag about your achievements.

·         Cook lie about things you do not know

·         argue with the interviewer.

·         Be late.




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