KSEB Assistant Engineer Interview Questions -2016 | 23005

KSEB Assistant Engineer Interview Questions -2016

Common questions asked for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

§  Renewable Energy ?

§  Ferranti Effect?

§  Proximity Effect?

§  What is corona loss?

§  Explain about the bundled conductor ?

§  Explain about Hydro Power station?

§  Working Principle of Smoke detector?

§  Life span of LED bulb?

§  What is transducer and full form of LVDT?

§  Full form of LED?

§  LED works on AC or DC?

§  Transformer capacity?

§  Types of circuit breaker (CB)?

§  Whether we get electric shock from the line its both sides are isolated ?

§  Difference between CFL and LED?

§  kerala state load dispacth center?

§  working principle of single phase induction motor ?

§  substation equipment?

§  Tell me about your view of KSEB?

§  How to find faulty transformer?

§  How many hydel project in kerala

§  What is the allowable frequency range in kerlala ?

§  Digital Electronics

§  Under ground cables

§  Transformer protection

§  buchholz relay

§  Under ground cables

§  PN junction diode

About your profession

§  If you worked in KSEB operator tell me about your experience ?

§  Tell me about your profession ?

For Electronics and Communication

§  Study about Your carrier project

§  Study about mini project and seminar

§  Current affairs related to the KSEB

§  Take short description about your current profession.

§  Takes notes about the labs experiment done in ET

§  free wheeling diode

§  power electronics

§  excitation using power electronics

§  How many hydel project in kerala

§  LGBT and HVDC



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