1.    Who is the Governor of RBI/chairman of SBI?
2.    Who are the deputy governors of RBI?
3.    What are the basics of Monetary policy?
4.    What are the functions of RBI?
5.    What are the important products or schemes launched by various banks recently?
6.    How is your professional knowledge going to be useful for the bank?
7.    What is CBS?
8.    CORE stands for?
9.    What is 'Green Channel'?
10.    NEFT/RTGS
11.    IMPS
12.    Any Ideas to improve Banking services…?
13.    What is Plastic currency?
14.    What is an ATM?
15.    What is a Debit card & a Credit card..?
16.    Different types of A/Cs and their features?
17.    What is a fixed deposit? (min and max periods for the same.)
18.    TDR/STDR?
19.    What is a gift card?
20.    What is Dubai Crisis?
21.    What is subprime crisis?
22.    What is repo rate?
23.    What is Reverse repo?
24.    What is Bank rate?
25.    What is SLR?
26.    What is CRR?
27.    What is Call money rate?
28.    What is prime lending rate?
29.    What is e-commerce?
30.    What is m-commerce?
31.    What is marketing?
32.    What is an NPA?
33.    SAFRAESI Act
34.    What are NBFCs?
35.     Online Banking?
36.    Mobile Banking?


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