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Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission published Group 1 - GENERAL ENGLISH sample question paper with answerkey.It is very useful to practice and easily gain good score in Examination..

GENERAL ENGLISH Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 150 

Note : Attempt all the questions. 

1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : 20 

At The Boardless there was constant speculation about Selvi's early life. Varma heard at the gossip table that Selvi had been brought up by her mother in a back row of Vinayak Mudali Street, in a small house with tiles falling off, with not enough cash at home to put the tiles back on 'the roof and had learnt music from her, practising with her brother and sister accompanying her on, their instruments. 

At this time Mohan had a photo studio on Market Road. Once Selvi's mother brought the girl to be photographed for a school magazine after she had won the first prize in a music competition. Thereafter Mohan visited them casually now and then as a sort of well-wisher of the family, sat in the single chair their home provided, drank coffee, and generally behaved as a benign god to that family by his advice and guidance. Sometimes he would request Selvi to sing, and then. dramatically leave the chair and sit down on the floor cross-legged with his eyes shut, in an attitude of total absorption in her melody, to indicate that in the presence of such an inspired artist it would be blasphemous to sit high in a chair. 

(i) What was Selvi's work ?

(ii) How many persons are referred to in, the paragraph ? Who are they ? 

(iii) Why could the house not be repaired ?

(iv) Who taught Selvi music ? • (v) How did Mohan meet Selvi ?

(vi) Why did Selvi's mother take her for a photograph ?

(vii) How do we know that they had very little furniture in the house ?

(viii) What was the relationship of Mohan with the family ?

(ix) What was the reaction of Mohan to Selvi's singing ?

(x) In the last sentence to whom does the phrase 'inspired artist' refer ? 

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