Music Mash-Up Application - Zend

It’s been a few years since the first MP3 hit the street. Now people have amassed an unmanageable collection of hits, flops, and late night sing-alongs. With so many artists and more genres available to the eclectic ear, there is no way to keep track of which artist might be of interest, when your favorite artist(s) will be in town, and what the latest release is from the artist you listened to in high school. We want a site that will manage and provide users with artist information and new concert dates, and also keep them informed about current music interests.

The music mash-up will be a web application powered mostly by external content and requiring little submitted content to get users up and running when they initially start using the web site. Like most Web 2.0 sites, this site relies heavily on using external content and mashes all the pieces into a meaningful page that communicates new and exciting artist information to users.

The site is simple, but it will enable you to learn a few things along the way concerning not only Zend Framework but also RSS and representational state transfer (REST), a popular web service standard. After you’re done with this book, you will have not only a nice site worthy of your portfolio but also a few skills to boot: parsing XML, reading RSS feeds, working with external web services, building a mash-up site, and (most importantly) working with and understanding Zend Framework and its extensive library.

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