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Zend Framework has put together a set of classes that can cache database content, classes, and any general content you might need to cache in order to speed up loading.

To use the caching feature, you need to use the Zend_Cache component, which contains two primary classes. The initial class is Zend_Cache_Frontend, which allows you to cache content such as functions, classes, and general data.

Table Front-end Cache Types

The Zend_Cache_Core class contains a wide variety of methods to set the data youfll cacheand determines how much space is available for caching. Table contains the available methods for frontend caching.

Table Zend Cache Core Methods

Table Zend Cache Core Methods

To understand what Zend_Cache_Frontend does, think of it as the class that tellsZend_Cache the type of data you want to cache.

The second component to the Zend_Cache component is Zend_Cache_Backend. If theZend_Cache_Frontend tells Zend_Cache what youfre going to cache,Zend_Cache_Backend identifies how youre going to cache it.

Zend_Cache_Backend contains six class types that range from simple file caching to theZendPlatform cache

file caching to the ZendPlatform cache

The Zend_Cache_Backend class is the parent class of each of the classes and contains the methods shown in Table.

Table Zend_Cache_Backend Methods

With these methods and classes you can now start to create cached records.

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