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What is YouTube Marketing - Videos Admin?

You can enable your link to your Google+ pages and youtube accountes and channels via Google. This means that any person can manage up to 50 youtube accounts. Similarly collaborative youtube channels can have upto 50 admins, where you dont need to share passwords with your entire team.

To know more about the new features and admin controls, you need to watch your You tube account settings and select" Connect with a Google+ page." From there you can move forward to link up new Google+ page, or existing Google+ page which is already owned or managed by You tube account. or linking a Google+ profile.

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Adding up more admins is very simple process. After linking your accounts, visit the channels account settings, click add or remove managers, and enter the email address of the person whom you want to add. Keep in mind that only the owner of the Google+ page has the powers to remove or add manages.

If you have multiple channels, you can only use one at a time, which means you need to change to the particular channel you want to manage by clicking on your name or icon in the top right corner of you tube and clicking "Switch account", where you can find the list inclufing your personal google identity as well as other channels linked to Google+ Pages which you manage.

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