Yii Tutorial

Yii Tutorial

What is Yii Framework?

Yii framework is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Framework. It was used for developing modern web applications as it is known as an open-source PHP framework. Yii framework is used for developing large-scale web applications and provides the process of web application development.


This tutorial is mainly targeted for the beginners who are looking to understand the basic Yii framework. Yii framework facilitates a component-based architecture. Anyone on completion of this tutorial can use Yii to build all web applications like forums, portals, content management systems, RESTful services, e-commerce websites etc.


To learn this tutorial one must have a basic knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to understand the concept of Yii. To use of the latest features of PHP, and hence the necessities for Yii2 are webserver and PHP 5.4+.

Yii Tutorial: List of Topics

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