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What are YAML Scalars and Tags?

Scalars in YAML are written in block format utilizing an exacting kind which is indicated as(|). It means line breaks count. In YAML, scalars are written in folded style (>) where each line means a folded Indentation which closes with an empty line or more indented line.

New lines are safeguarded in literals are appeared below –

The folded newlines are protected for more indented lines and blank lines as appeared below –

YAML flow scalars incorporate plain styles and quoted styles. The double quoted style incorporates different departure sequences. Flow scalars can incorporate different lines; line breaks are constantly folded in this structure.

In YAML, untagged nodes are determined with an explicit sort of the application. The instances of tags detail by and large use seq, delineate str types for YAML tag repository. The tags are spoken to as models which are referenced as below −

Integer tags

These tags incorporate integer values in them. They are likewise called as numeric tags.

Floating point numbers

These tags incorporate decimal and exponential qualities. They are additionally called as exponential tags.

Miscellaneous Tags

It incorporates an assortment of integer,floating and string values installed in them. Consequently it is called miscellaneous tags.

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