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What are YAML Node Properties?

Every presentation node incorporates two noteworthy characteristics called anchor and tag. Node properties might be determined with node content, discarded from the character stream.
The essential example of node portrayal is as per the following –

Node Anchors

The anchor property speaks to a node for future reference. The character stream of YAML portrayal in node is meant with the ampersand (and) pointer. The YAML processor require not save the anchor name with the portrayal subtleties made in it. The accompanying code clarifies this –
The output of YAML produced with anchor nodes is appeared below –

Node Tags

The tag property speaks to the kind of local data structure which characterizes a node totally. A tag is spoken to with the (!) pointer. Tags are considered as an innate piece of the portrayal diagram. The accompanying example of clarifies node tags in detail –

Node Content

Node content can be spoken to in a stream content or block format. Block content stretches out as far as possible of line and uses Indentation to indicate structure. Every collection kind can be spoken to in an explicit single stream collection style or can be considered as a solitary block. The accompanying code clarifies this in detail –

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