What is YAML JSON Schema?

JSON schema in YAML is considered as the shared factor of most current programming languages. It permits parsing JSON files. It is unequivocally prescribed in YAML that different schemas ought to be considered on JSON schema. The essential purpose behind this is it incorporates key values blend which are easy to understand. The messages can be encoded as key and can be utilized as and when required.

The JSON schema is scalar and does not have an values. A mapping passage in JSON schema is spoken to in the format of some key and values pair where invalid is treated as legitimate.


A null JSON schema is represented as shown below –

The output of JSON representation is mentioned below –


The following example represents the Boolean JSON schema –

The following is the output for the same in JSON format –


The following example represents the integer JSON schema –

The output of integer generated JSON schema is shown below:


The tags in JSON schema is represented with following example –

You can find the JSON Output as shown below –

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