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What are YAML Information Models?

This part will clarify the insight concerning the systems and procedures that we talked about in last section. Information Models in YAML will indicate the features of serialization and introduction method in a systematic format utilizing an explicit diagram.

For an information model, it is critical to speak to the application information which are versatile between programming environments.


The diagram appeared above speaks to a typical information model which is spoken to in chart format. In YAML, the portrayal of local data is established, associated and is coordinated chart of tagged nodes. On the off chance that we notice coordinated diagram, it incorporates a lot of nodes with coordinated chart. As referenced in the information model, YAML supports three sorts of nodes to be specific −

  • Sequences
  • Scalars
  • Mappings

The fundamental meanings of these portrayal nodes were talked about in last part. In this part, we will concentrate on schematic perspective of these terms. The accompanying sequence diagram speaks to the work process of legends with different sorts of tags and mapping nodes.


There are three kinds of nodes: sequence node, scalar node and mapping node.


Sequence node pursues a successive design and incorporates an arranged configuration of at least zero nodes. A YAML sequence may contain a similar node more than once or a solitary node.


The content of scalars in YAML incorporates Unicode characters which can be spoken to in the format with a progression of zero. When all is said in done, scalar node incorporates scalar amounts.


Mapping node incorporates the key value pair portrayal. The content of mapping node incorporates a blend of key-value pair with a required condition that key name ought to be looked after interesting. Sequences and mappings all in all frame a collection.

Note that as spoke to in the diagram appeared, scalars, sequences and mappings are spoken to in a systematic format.

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