UDDI Scenarios - XML

UDDI is used extensively in various business scenarios. These scenarios are divided into two categories: finding information about the registered services and maintaining and updating the UDDI data. The following list discusses some of these scenarios in detail:

  • Publish Web service. When you plan to publish a Web service with the UDDI directory, you first need to select an operator site that will manage the information about the Web service. After selecting the operator site, you need to sign up on the registry Web site. When you sign up on the Web site, a username and password are assigned to you. These form your publishing credentials. You can use these publishing credentials to log on to the publishing server.
  • Register organizations. Before registering a Web service with the UDDI, you need to register your business organization by providing the general details of the organization, such as the name, description, and contact information.
  • Register software that uses Web service. In addition to providing information about a Web service, you might want to provide technical information about the service, such as installing and configuring information. You can provide this information in the UDDI directory.
  • Inquiry Web services. You can inquire for existing or potential Web services on the UDDI registry.
  • Locate partner services. You can find existing services for simple operations, such as mathematic calculations or user validations. Several business organizations expose such common services. Therefore, you can find an appropriate service in the UDDI directory and then, invoke the service.

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