The Case Study for JB Book Sellers XML

JB Book Sellers is a famous chain of bookstores in the U.S. The process of accepting orders at all bookstores of JB Book Sellers is automated. The bookstores use the Office XP platform and Microsoft Access to create the databases for the business.

The head office of JB Book Sellers is located in New York. The data related to the books they have published and sold is stored at the New York office. The books that JB Book Sellers sells are acquired at the New York office from various publishers and distributors and then distributed to the stores that are part of the chain. Sometimes a customer might want a particular book that is not available at the store, but might be available as part of the stock to be distributed at the New York office. Sometimes a customer might need several copies of the same book that are unavailable locally but might be available at the head office.

In such cases, an order for the required books is placed immediately after consulting the inventory details. The stores get a weekly update of the inventory available at the New York office. This inventory is somewhat inaccurate because the number of books in stock changes daily. Therefore, the company decided to allow online access to the inventory details so that the retail stores could have accurate data while accepting orders.

When a customer visits the bookstore, the salesperson uses a desktop application to accept orders for books. The details of the order are then stored in a Microsoft Access database. The desktop application that is used to enter the details of an order received or a sale made is a Microsoft Access form. The form includes details such as the credit card details, e-mail address, and Zip code of the person who is placing the order. This data needs to be validated before being stored in the database.

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