Required Software XML

For trying the examples in this chapter, you will need the following software:

  • Apache Web server.
  • Active Perl.
  • SOAP::Lite kit.

Note?/td>Note that you need to install the Web server, Active Perl, and SOAP::Lite in the preceding order because the Perl installation needs to configure the Web server, and to configure SOAP:Lite, you execute a Perl script.

The installation of the Apache Web server and the Active Perl software is like any other Windows installation. The installation for the SOAP::Lite package is shown next.

You install SOAP::Lite as you install any Perl module. If you have the module installed and you're connected to the Internet, use either of the following commands:

If you don't have the CPAN module, follow the given process:

Note?/td> Use nmake instead of make on Windows.

Before we delve into the process of creating Web services using Perl, it's important to provide you with a brief overview of Perl.

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