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Java Web services, implemented on the Java platform, are simila to Web services that you create by using Visual Studio .NET. The need for Java Web services is a result of the growing popularity of e-business. This increasing popularity has forced all the big players in the IT industry to provide their own means of creating Web services.

Toward this end, IBM has come up with a toolkit to create Web services. You have already learned to create Web services on the .NET platform. Similarly, Sun Microsystems, Inc. has introduced the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun One) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) as two significant solutions to develop and deploy Web services created on the Java platform.

Web Services and the Java Platform

As you know, Web services use the XML technology to enable isolated and different systems to communicate with each other. In addition, XML Web services allow sharing of data and functionality across different systems and are, therefore, interoperable. On the other hand, Java has evolved as a complete and robust platform because of its code portability and platform interoperability. These features of Java make it an ideal solution for business houses to develop and deploy Java Web services.

In addition, Java Web services integrate with XML to provide a solution for creating robust, secure, and scalable Web services. This solution is in the form of Web services that are 282 created by using the Java APIs or the J2EE platform. You will learn about the Java APIs in the later section titled "Components of Java Web Services."

Java, which is integrated with XML, forms the Java service model. This model uses XML as a format for exchanging data and Java as a platform for developing Web services. Web services that are based on the Java service model can be deployed on a wide range of Web servers, such as WebLogic, Tomcat, and so on. In addition, these Web services can be called from any client application that is built on any platform, such as Java or the .NET platform. The following section describes the Java service model in detail.

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