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While the development team is creating the project, they implement the following phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project execution
  • Project deployment

You learned about these phases in earlier projects. Therefore, we will discuss only the project execution phase, which is different for each project.

The Project Execution Phase

In the project execution phase, the development team creates the design of an application. After creating the design, they develop the application. The project execution phase consists of the following stages:

  • Analyzing requirements
  • Creating the design of an application
  • Constructing the application

Analyzing the Requirements

During the requirements analysis phase, the development team at Lifestyle, Inc. analyzes the need for creating a Web service. This need for a Web service is based on the problem stated by Lucy Snyder, the sales manager of Lifestyle, Inc. Says Snyder, "We want to validate the credit card details of a customer who places an order for a product on our Web site."

After analyzing the requirements of the organization, the development team feels a need for a Web service. Credit card validation is a common scenario and Web services are a reusable piece of code. Therefore, the Web service that the development team creates can be used across multiple applications.

The Web service that the team creates should perform the following functions:

  • The Web service should accept the credit card details of a user, including the credit card number and the name of the customer.
  • The Web service should validate the credit card number based on the Luhn algorithm.
  • The result of the validation should be returned to the Web site of LifeStyle, Inc.

Creating the Design of the Application

During the design phase of the application, the development team decides upon the functionality to be implemented and the technology to be used. The development team plans to create a Web service. In addition, because the Web site is created using J2EE, the development team plans to use the IBM toolkit, which, in turn, uses the Java technology.


During the construction phase, the development team constructs the application. The following are the primary tasks that the team performs in the construction phase:

  1. Create the Web service.
  2. Deploy the Web service on a client computer.
  3. Test the Web service.

Having learned about the Development Life Cycle (DLC) of the project, you will now learn about the software that you need to install to run the IBM toolkit.

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