Development Life Cycle (DLC) of a project - XML

The Development Life Cycle (DLC) of a project involves the following three phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project execution
  • Project deployment

You learned about these phases in earlier projects. In this chapter, we will discuss only the project execution phase, which is different from the earlier projects.

The Project Execution Phase

In the project execution phase, the development team creates the design of an application. After creating the design, they develop the application. The project execution phase consists of the following stages:

  • Analyzing the requirements
  • Creating the design of the application
  • Constructing the application

Analyzing the Requirements

During the requirements analysis phase, the development team at InSysPeripherals concluded that sharing the catalog from a central location would solve the problem of not having updated data accessible from the affiliate sites.

Creating the Design of the Application

During the design phase of the application, the development team decides upon the functionality to be implemented and the technology to be used.

As discussed earlier, the solution to the organization's requirements is a Web service. Because the Web site is based primarily on Perl, and Perl with SOAP::Lite provides good support for creating Web services, it was decided to implement the Web services by using Perl.


During the construction phase, the development team constructs the application. The primary tasks that the team performs in the construction phase are as follows:

  • Create the Web service
  • Test the Web service

First, we will discuss the software required to work with Perl

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