Case Study of the Credit Card Validation Web Service XML

LifeStyle, Inc. is a big department store in California that sells a wide range of household products. In addition to selling the products at the department store, LifeStyle, Inc. now has a Web site to sell its products online. In addition to ordering products online, users can use the kiosks at the store, which act as client applications, to order products. This will enable the store to increase its clientele and its revenues.

The Web site of LifeStyle, Inc. accepts orders from online customers and then prompts them to enter their credit card details. This is because payments for products that are bought online are made through credit cards. Therefore, the major task in a purchase transaction is validating the details of the credit card that the user enters. After the credit card number is validated, the order and customer details are stored in the database of LifeStyle, Inc. Finally, the product is delivered to the client. However, if the credit card details are not validated, an error message is displayed and the product is not delivered to the client.

The credit card validation involves using the services of a credit card validation service provider. The service provider charges per transaction. However, the site owner noticed that visitors enter junk numbers or make a mistake in entering the numbers, and the validation provider charges LifeStyle, Inc. for these, too. The programmers at LifeStyle,Inc. who created the Web site, plan to create a Web service to validate the credit card details toensure that spurious or inaccurate numbers are detected locally and rejected. The Web site for LifeStyle, Inc. is created using J2EE; therefore, the programmers plan to use the IBM toolkit to create the Web service. To create the Web service, the management has appointed John Billing, an efficient Java programmer who created the Web site for the organization. In addition, Michael Burton, a project manager, is assigned to handle the project.

We will now discuss the project life cycle for the credit card validation Web service created using the IBM toolkit.

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