Case Study for the Rent-a-Car Internet Services - XML

Rent-a-Car is a car rental company. The cars are available in a wide range of styles and prices that extend from the economy range to the expensive luxury range. Until now, the interaction with the business clients has been primarily on the telephone. Now the owners of 442 the company have decided to be more accessible to the customers by having an Internet presence.

To do this, the organization created a Web site with the URL. The site was created using ASP.NET and uses the .NET Framework and SQL Server as a backend. The site also makes its car reservation and tracking features accessible to other Web sites, which can allow their visitors to rent a car. This facility is available to a number of general-purpose Web portals that provide their own visitors with the facility of making car reservations. To make the features of the site available to third-party sites, the Web site uses Web services.

To further increase its business, Rent-a-Car decided to provide its customers with access to the reservation facilities through mobile devices. To provide the services of the organization on mobile devices, the company decided to create an alternative site for mobile applications. Further, it will create the application by using the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit and power the application by the Web services that are used by the HTML-based site. To create this application, Rent-a-Car decided on a team of two people: John Carson, the project manager, and Bill Donnovan, the developer. The development team follows the project life cycle a discussed in the following section.

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