Case Study for NewsShop Web Service - XML

NewsShop Pvt. Ltd. provides real-time information management solutions to various organizations that use these solutions to deliver essential online information to their customers. Essentially, NewsShop provides news feed in XML format on a wide range of topics. Clients, such as business organizations and Internet portals, can use these news feeds to provide current news to their own employees and customers.

NewsShop has a database that has information and URLs to online resources on various topics. NewsShop updates the database every 15 minutes. Clients of NewsShop can make use of this data to provide information, such as current news, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and so on, to their own clients. NewsShop provides information on some categories of the news feed free of cost, whereas other categories require a fee.

The format of all news feed at NewsShop is XML because XML allows easy integration with the client's intranets and Web sites. In the future, NewsShop expects to provide news feeds in multiple formats, such as Resource Description Framework (RDF), Channel Definition Format (CDF), and Information and Content Exchange (ICE) format.

Having discussed the scenario in which the organization will use the NewsShop Web service, we will now discuss the life cycle of the News Shop project.

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