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In the previous projects, you learned to create a Web service for the .NET platform by using Visual Studio .NET. As you know, Visual Studio .NET contains several tools that simplify the process of creating a Web service. In addition to creating a Web service by using Visual Studio .NET, you can use the .NET Framework SDK to create a Web service. In this project, you will consider a scenario for which you can create a Web service for the .NET platform by using the .NET Framework SDK.

When you create a Web service by using Visual Studio .NET, you normally define various methods that will be exposed by the Web service first; then when the Web service is built and deployed, Visual Studio .NET automatically creates the WSDL document for the Web service. However, when you create a Web service by using the .NET Framework SDK, you need to start by creating an interface for a Web service. You will then create a Web service based on the WSDL document that defines this interface for the Web service.

Building software components, such as a Web service after defining the interface allows you to standardize the way in which a software component interacts with another system. In addition, it helps to separate the interface from its implementation. As a result, you can define several implementation for the same service.

In times to come, various organizations that define the standards for different industries might also define the standards for Web services. They can define these standards in the form of a WSDL document, which can be made publicly available. Doing this allows various service providers to implement services differently. However, all services can expose the same interface.

When you have different implementations for a same service, the client application can be programmed so that it can dynamically select an implementation based on factors such as the availability of service, the connection speed, and the service cost.

In this chapter, you will learn how to create an ASP.NET Web service starting from a WSDL document and using the tools provided with the .NET Framework SDK. Before you start with the actual creation of the Web service, consider the scenario in which you can use the Web service.

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