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In previous projects, you learned to create Web services by using the SOAP toolkit and ASP.NET. However, you hav several other options for creating Web services, such as using the ATL Server library.

Before you create a Web service by using the ATL Server, you need to learn about the ATL Server library. This chapter provides a brief introduction of the ATL Server library. In addition, you will create a simple Web application by using the ATL Server.

Most of the major J2EE application servers now provide support for implementing Web services. A number of Web services products integrate with more than one application server to provide a set of tools for developing and deploying Web services. Some of these products include the following:

  • JDeveloper from Oracle
  • Websphere Studio Application Developer from IBM
  • JBuilder from Borland
  • Glue from Mind Electric
  • CapeConnect and CapeStudio from Cape Clear
  • Axis from Apache

However, most of these tools don't follow any specifications to provide support for Web services because no such specification existed before Java 1.4. Most of these tools implement deployment support that works only with certain application servers. Therefore, even if a stateless session EJB is used to implement a Web service on different application servers, there might be differences in the packaging format used or the deployment descriptor format and its location. A Web service application that is packaged for a particular application server is not directly reusable with any other application server that supports Web services. In this way, the J2EE Web services application is bound to the J2EE application server on which the application is meant to be deployed.

This chapter explores the features of JDeveloper for Oracle9i that help you to create and deploy Web services for the Oracle 9i application server. It also explores CapeStudio from Cape Clear, which is one of the simplest applications to create and deploy J2EE Web services and Web service clients.

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