3 phases of project Life Cycle XML

The development life cycle (DLC) of a project involves the following three phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project execution
  • Project deployment

You learned about these phases in the earlier projects. We will discuss only the project execution phase, which is different from the earlier projects.

In the project execution phase, the development team creates the design of an application. After creating the design, the team develops the actual application. The project execution phase consists of the following stages:

  • Analyzing the requirements
  • Creating the design of the application
  • Constructing the application

Analyzing the Requirements

During the requirements analysis phase, the development team at ABCFinances analyzed the need for creating a Web service and came up with the following requirements:

  • The Web service should contain a method that accepts the name of a country and returns the current exchange rate for that country.
  • The Web service should contain a method that accepts the name of a country and returns the current exchange rate and the denomination of the country.
  • The Web service should allow retrieval of the exchange rate by passing the denomination.
  • The Web service should contain some support methods, such as a method that returns a list of countries and denominations from the database to simplify populating controls in the client tools.

Creating the Design of the Application

During the design phase of the application, the development team decides the functionality to be implemented and the technology to be used. The team at ABCFinances has decided to develop the pilot Web service by using ASP.NET and verify its functionality and use. The first Web service will be developed using the .NET Framework SDK. However, if the company moves ahead with its plans to shift the entire business systems to Web services, the development team will use Visual Studio .NET as the primary development tool.

Constructing the Application

During the construction phase, the development team constructs the application. The primary tasks that the team performs in the construction phase are as follows:

  • Create the Web service
  • Test the Web service from different client applications

Having leaned about the DLC of the ABCFinances Web service project, you will now learn to create an ASP.NET Web service without using Visual Studio .NET.

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