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The Development Life Cycle (DLC) of a project involves the following three phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project execution
  • Project deployment

We discussed these phases in "Creating a Web Service Using the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit." Now we will discuss only the project execution phase that includes creating the project.

The Project Execution Phase

You create the design of an application and the actual application in the project execution phase. After creating the design, you need to develop the application. The project execution phase consists of the following stages:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Testing

Thefollowing sections discuss in detail the stages in the project execution phase for the NewsShop project.

Requirements Analysis

During the requirements analysis phase, the development team at NewsShop analyzes the need for creating a Web service. NewsShop needs to provide the news feeds to various client applications running on different platforms. For example, the clients of NewsShop might be using applications that are built on various platforms, such as Linux, Unix, or Windows. In addition, some of the clients might want to integrate the information that NewsShop provides to their existing intranet or Internet sites. However, other clients might want to access the information from desktop applications. Therefore, in such a varied scenario, developing Web services is the easiest solution.

The Web service that the development team at NewsShop creates must have the following features:

  • The Web service should provide a list of URLs for resources on a particular topic or category.
  • The list should be in XML format.
  • The Web service should allow a client to query a list of categories.
  • Some of the categories should be available to only registered customers.


During the design phase of the application, the development team decides the functionality to be implemented and the technology to be used. The team at News Shop has decided to host the site and the services on Windows 2000.

Currently, the Web site of News Shop is developed using ASP.NET. The Web site displays data from a SQL database. Therefore, the team has decided to create the Web service by using Visual Studio .NET, which allows easy and efficient creation of ASP.NET applications.


During the construction phase, the NewsShop team constructs the application. The primary tasks that the team performs in the construction phase are these:

  • Create the database required to store the data
  • Create the Web service
  • Test the Web service from different client applications


In the testing phase, the development team and the testing team test the functionality of the application that is created. You will learn about testing the application in detail in the section titled "Testing the Web Service from a Client Application."

You will now learn to create a sample ASP.NET Web service. This will help you to create the Web service for NewsShop Pvt. Ltd.

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