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What is DOMImplementation Object of XML DOM?

The independent operations of a particular instance of a document object model is performed by many methods which are provided by DOMImplementation object.

What are the different methods provided by DOMImplementation object?

The methods of DOMImplementation object provided by XML DOM are:

Method & Description
createDocument(namespaceURI, qualifiedName, doctype)
A DOM Document object is created with a document element which is of a specified type.
createDocumentType(qualifiedName, publicId, systemId)
It creates an emptyDocumentTypenode.
getFeature(feature, version)
A specialized object is returned by this method which enables to implement the APIs of specific feature and version, but now this has been removed, for which specs can be referred.
hasFeature(feature, version)
This method tests if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature and version.

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