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What is the use of wxPython StaticBoxSizer?

A StaticBoxSizer puts a box sizer into a static box and it provides a border around the box along with a label at the top. Below steps are involved in preparing a statcboxsizer

  • Create a wx.StaticBox object.
  • Declare a wx.StaticBoxSizer with the above static box as its argument.
  • Create the controls and add in staticbox sizer.
  • Set it as the sizer for the frame.


In below example, two staticbox sizers are created and added into a top vertical box sizer, which controls the layout of the panel inside a frame.

First staticbox sizer is created around a static box named ‘Name’.

A Horizontal box sizer, holding two labels and two text boxes, is added into nmSizer static box sizer.

Similarly, another staticbox sizer holds a static box named ‘Buttons’.

Two button objects, named ‘ok’ and ‘cancel’ are put in a horizontal box sizer, which in turn, is placed inside the second staticbox sizer.

Two static box sizers, ‘name’ and ‘Buttons’ are added into a vertical box sizer acting as the layout manager of the panel in the top level frame.

Following is the complete code

The above code produces the following output


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