WSDL Interview Questions & Answers

WSDL Interview Questions

WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language; WSDL is used to define web services. Are you good at WSDL concepts? Need interview question and answers to prepare well for the Interview and clear it in first attempt? Then we in our Wisdomjobs site provided all sorts of WSDL Interview Questions and Answers along with the different kinds of job roles. To clear any interview in very first one must be through enough with all the WSDL concepts. If you are good at WSDL concepts then there are various leading companies that offer job roles like Web Services (soap/wsdl/uddi), SOA Developers, Oracle SOA Developer and many other roles too. For any other details about the WSDL job interview questions and answers and WSDL job roles visit our site


WSDL Interview Questions And Answers

WSDL Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. Explain What Is Wsdl?

      Answer :

      WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is a simple XML document that contains a set of definitions to describe or locate a web service.

    2. Question 2. What Is Soap, Uddi And Wsdl?

      Answer :

      • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a simple protocol for exchange of information. It is based on XML and consists of three parts: a SOAP envelope (describing what's in the message and how to process it); a set of encoding rules, and a convention for representing RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) and responses.
      • UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) is a specification designed to allow businesses of all sizes to benefit in the new digital economy. There is a UDDI registry, which is open to everybody. Membership is free and members can enter details about themselves and the services they provide. Searches can be performed by company name, specific service, or types of service. This allows companies providing or needing web services to discover each other, define how they interact over the Internet and share such information in a truly global and standardized fashion.
      • WSDL (Web Services Description Language) defines the XML grammar for describing services as collections of communication endpoints capable of exchanging messages. Companies can publish WSDLs for services they provide and others can access those services using the information in the WSDL. Links to WSDLs are usually offered in a company’s profile in the UDDI registry.

    3. Question 3. What Is The Prefix Used For The Target Namespace For The Wsdl Document?

      Answer :

      Prefix “xmlns:tns=target name” is used for target namespace for the WSDL document.

    4. Question 4. Can You Define Basic Element Of Web Services And Explain Any One From Them?

      Answer :

      These are as follows SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. And I am explaining about the SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) it is a communication protocol it is for communication between application it is platform and language independent. It is based on XML and also help to get from Firewall.

    5. Question 5. Mention The Operation Types Response Used In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      WSDL defines four types response. Request response is the most common operation type.

      • One way: It can receive a message but will not return response.
      • Request response: It receives a request and will return a response.
      • Solicit response: It sends a request and will wait for response.
      • Notification: It sends a message but will not wait for a response.

    6. Question 6. Is It Possible To Generate The Source Code For An Web Service From A Wsdl?

      Answer :

      The Wsdl.exe tool (.NET Framework SDK) can be used to generate source code for an ASP.NET web service with its WSDL link.

    7. Question 7. Explain What Does The “types” Define In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      • The type element defines all the data types used between the server and the client.
      • To define data types WSDL uses the W3C XML Schema Specification as its default choice.
      • Type element is not required if the service uses only simple XML schema types like integers and strings.
      • To reuse the type with multiple web services, WSDL allows to define types in a separate elements.

    8. Question 8. What Is Web Service?

      Answer :

      We can assume a web service as a method over the web, It actually takes the parameter and give the result in the XML format for independablity.furthermore, It use SOAP formatted XML envelops and use WSDL for interfacing.

    9. Question 9. Explain What Is “soap: Body”?

      Answer :

      “soap: body” is a SOAP extension element used as a sub element of the “wsdl: input/output” inside the wsdl binding and operation. It is used to provide information on how the content of the SOAP body element is constructed.

    10. Question 10. What Is The Meaning Of Semantic Connotations?

      Answer :

      A semantic annotation is additional information in a document that defines the semantics of a part of that document. In this technical note, the semantic annotations are additional information elements in a WSDL document. They define semantics by referring to a part of a semantic model that describes the semantics of the part of the document being annotated.

      The WSDL document forms the anchor point for Web services description. Building on the descriptive capability of WSDL, a mechanism is provided to annotate the capabilities and requirements of Web services with semantic concepts referenced from a semantic model. To do this, mechanisms are provided annotate the service and its inputs, outputs and operations. Additionally, we provide mechanisms to specify and annotate preconditions and effects of Web Services. These preconditions and effects together with the semantic annotations of inputs and outputs can enable automation of the process of service discovery.

    11. Question 11. Explain How Wsdl Can Bind To Soap?

      Answer :

      The binding is possible by two attributes- name and type attributes. The name attribute defines the name of the binding and type attribute defines the port for the binding.

      While, for SOAP binding you need to declare two attributes- transport and style. The transport attributes defines the SOAP protocol (HTTP) while style attribute defines the “rpc” or “document”.

    12. Question 12. How Do I Get Started With A Web Services?

      Answer :

      The easiest way to get started with Web services is to learn XML-RPC. Check out the XML-RPC specification or read my book, Web Services Essentials. O'Reilly has also recently released a book on Programming Web Services with XML-RPC by Simon St.Laurent, Joe Johnston, and Edd Dumbbells.

      Once you have learned the basics of XML-RPC, move onto SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. These topics are also covered in Web Services Essentials. For a comprehensive treatment of SOAP, check out O'Reilly's Programming Web Services with SOAP, by Doug Tidwell, James Snell, and Pavel Kulchenko.

    13. Question 13. Explain What Is Uddi And It Communicates Via Which Protocol?

      Answer :

      UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration. It is a directory used for storing information about web services. It communicates via SOAP.

    14. Question 14. List Out The Characteristics Of Port And Service In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      • A service may have more than one endpoint with each one defined by its own port element.
      • The port element relates to a specific binding, and contains information on how to access it (URI).
      • Different ports signify different binding for the same port type- enabling the same functionality to be accessible via multiple transport protocols and interaction styles.

    15. Question 15. Mention What Things Need To Be Taken Care For Ports While Binding?

      Answer :

      While binding,

      • A port must not determine more than one address.
      • A port must not determine any binding information other than address information.

    16. Question 16. Explain What Is The Difference Between Binding And Port Type In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      WSDL Port: The WSDL port type element defines a group of operations known as an interface in most environments. Each operation consists of a combination of input and output elements. The order of these elements determine the message exchange pattern (MEP).

      WSDL Binding: The WSDL binding element describes the details of using specific port Type with a given protocol.

    17. Question 17. Explain What Is The Difference Between Soap Message And Wsdl?

      Answer :

      A SOAP message is an XML document which is used to transmit your data while WSDL is an XML document which tells how to connect and make requests to your web service.

    18. Question 18. Explain What Is Endpoints In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      In WSDL, end point is referred to an address and a binding.

    19. Question 19. How To Validate Wsdl File?

      Answer :

      WSDL file is a contract between consumer and web service clients. A WSDL Validator verifies whether the file can be consumed by other applications before you give the url to your end-users. To validate your file you need to set your criteria like

      • Does it require to be validating according to WSDL XML schema.
      • Does it require fulfilling with known best practices.
      • Does it require to be parsed correctly by common soap stacks you can use a commercial tool like XMLSpy to validate WSDL file.

    20. Question 20. Explain How Endpoints Are Defined In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      Endpoints represent an instantiated service; they are determined by combining a binding and the networking details used to expose the endpoint. Endpoints are defined in a contract using a combination of the WSDL port element and WSDL service element. The port elements define the actual endpoints.

    21. Question 21. Explain What Is The Difference Between Message Type And Element In Wsdl?

      Answer :

      Message type: It creates variable based on a message type that you defined in WSDL.

      Element type: It creates variable based on an element that you defined in Schema.

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