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What is Workplace Wellness Engaging Employees?

It is observed that by implementing personal coaching on wellness program immensely decreased the expenses on chronic diseases by saving $820,000 for Delnor Community Hospital with its 40% staff involving in a program. Hence, this is proven that following a good diet with proper exercise can make people healthier. Even after witnessing success stories the organizations didn’t set any limit on the employee percentage to get involved in such wellness program. It is clearly visible that one can see the results fighting against diabetes, obesity and other illness by following personal coaching for exercise regularly.

Engaging Employees

John Harris is the Principal of Harris Trends stated that almost 50-60% of the employees from any company should be participated in wellness health programs. In his point of view, the percentage of participation is proportional to the workforce population. To illustrate it, consider a company having 20% of its employees as smokers and it can’t expect attracting 45% of employees for Smoking Cessation Program.

Michael Carter, Vice President of Synchrony State in a HR consulting company states that only in some sectors the incentives work and not in others. Consider, a group of people who are hardworking, they constitute about 20% of any workplace and they do not need any special aspects like incentives.

There will be other section of people who are not bothered about incentives and they do not participate in any program. They are clubbed with people who are workaholics. Rest of the employees are they who need incentives very much. By providing incentives, they are encouraged to work hard.

Customizing Incentives to Suit Employee Needs

In an organization, there will be several workforce sections and the incentives are made customized to make suitable to everyone. Recent times employers were experimenting with their employees with disincentives and incentives. Situations like charity walks, awareness t-shirts, taking offs are treated as rewards in many sections, whereas fees and high costs are related to penalties.

One of the best reward is Personal health coaching. Studies state that 89 percent of people are showing interest in enrolling programs which rewards them with personal coach freely.

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