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What is Workplace Wellness Case Study II?

Intel Corporation headquartered at the US is a global technology giant. It has an acclaimed wellness program called Health for Life that cover over 72,000 employees located at 32 different places in 9 countries including Costa Rica, China, Israel, India, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Main intention behind this program is to empower employees to make them act to their betterment in health and to improve their life quality. Convenience, communication and quality are considered as three pillars of this program. The focus is to find out the impact of severe behavioral risk factors like alcohol use, smoking, stress, nutrition, physical inactivity and etc. on employee health. Later, the contribution is to reduce the costs incurred on health care and increasing employee productivity. These objectives of the program are achieved through strategies like offering onsite health services, including medical benefits and few wellness healthcare initiatives.

Quality of Life

Health for Life program framework

The evaluation process went on for five years gave sufficient evidence on the results of improved employee health. Of three years in the program, Intel has saved US$18 million by cost savings. Whereas the program has cost them around $10 million. The ROI has been very much beneficial to Intel. This proves the short term effectiveness in terms of cost of employer investment in wide ranging programs

Personal Wellness Coaching

Recent survey on such programs showed high impact on rejuvenating employees lifestyle and health through one-to-one coaching.

A report from the studies of Archives of Internal Medicines states that by taking personal coaching there is considerable impact on betterment of employees health conditions and following are achieved -

  • Lower Total Cholesterol
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol (LDL)
  • Increased Regular Walking Habits
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Body Weight
  • Low Intake of Saturated Fat, Cholesterol

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