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What is Dealing with Illness and Job Lay-off?

Dealing with Illness

Suppose if an employee is resigning because of his deteriorating health or asked to resign for his illness, then the HR department should keep this as secret as there is no need of other people to know about an employee sensitive details. If the employee is feeling sick and needs to take off or just light work then the same should be discussed with the supervisor on leaves. Supervisor may assist the employee through special accommodation, long breaks, less number of working hours, assigning less responsibilities over, providing medical support and etc.

Dealing with Illness

In order to make their supervisor understand the condition of employee, they can bring a letter from doctor as a proof. In such scenarios, organizations ease the working place to the employees and allow them to work from home.

The importance you give to your job should be same in case of your health. It is natural to take break between shifts if working in strict deadlines and pressurized environment.

Employers provide insurance for short and long term disability. One can use this policy if employees fall sick or injured and utilize it in taking some days off. HR department will have guidelines or manual related to these policies, employees can get the details with them.

It is important to stay with family and spend time with them and relieve the pressure upon oneself during recovery phase. After deciding to work again, start with less work and move to take more work as per your comfort levels.

Dealing with Job Lay-off

Suppose you were asked to resign or they terminated you from job, it is difficult to find a job right after stepping out. This is crucial period and people tend to depress. Do not panic and recollect all your aims and skills. Take the counselor help if needed.

Note down the points that make you a perfect employee and follow it from point one to last whether you are innovative, determined, friendly, enthusiastic and etc. Also have your good and bad experiences in life noted and the lessons they taught you till the point.

Keep note on the kind of environment you wish for in a work place preferences. Like whether you need a person who can guide you or you want to find out things by yourself or you are interested in performing challenging or simple tasks.

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