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How Workplace Diversity is implemented?

Change is inevitable in life but people do not accept the change easily. The change brought by diversity is not accepted by the employees. The change is not accepted because employees fear about the competition that is brought by the other people with different cultures; bring in to the work environment.

Especially working women have to face more challenges than men. As it is a woman who is considered as the primary parent to children, need to take care of the children and family. Thus they have a more challenging role in balancing the personal and professional life.

Even the employees with diversity do not feel comfortable to work in the company which is dominated by a specific race or a culture. This discomfort is created because of the practice of discrimination in the organization.

When all these issues emerge, it is the responsibility of the management to send a communication to all the employees that change is going to happen and this is the only way to handle these issues. The message should be very much clear and the employees should understand the seriousness of the organization about the issues related to diversity.

After sending the messages, it is the responsibility of the management to implement Workforce Diversity. This can be implemented by the management successfully by following some of the steps. They are as follows -

  • Establish Urgency – The management should provide a significant reason behind the change to diversity and the reason should be acceptable by the employees as a makeover over the policy rather than an ideology change.
  • Form a Winning Team – All the department heads should be in favour of the change and should provide their full support for the change. This makes the employees motivated and enables to think on the correct aspects. This makes the employees follow their managers as they think that managers are more experienced and always think on correct grounds.
  • Define Clear Vision and Strategy – By defining a clear vision and strategy the employees get motivated and thus work towards result-oriented processes. This facilitates in implementation of the project successfully. The implementation can be made successful by setting some of the short-term targets.

Diversity Strategies Comparison Chart

The Diversity implementation strategies adopted by the large companies are different from that of the strategies adopted by the small companies. There are many reasons for the difference in the strategies. They are as follows -

Big Companies
Small Companies
Effective mentoring programs can be facilitated to the employees by a specific employee resource.
Employees are being guided by the managers and the Human Resource people.
All the employees are provided equal opportunities and are facilitated to access to all the information.
Only the people who best suites the required profile are being contacted.
The disabled people are provided employment along with a healthy and safe working environment.
The disabled people are not encouraged for employment as small companies do not effort in providing disabled-specific environment.
Libraries are facilitated which provides detail information about the diversity and which can be referred by all the employees, can understand, and can better practice.
Specific training is not provided by diversity-related issues, they are being handled by the managers as they occur.
Time and money is invested by the companies in providing training to the employees on diversity.
They cannot effort investing in training programs but awareness is created by seminars.

Large companies have different approach towards the Workplace Diversity when compared to small companies. The difference in the approach is as follows -

Big Companies
Small Companies
The operation plants of the company are spread across different countries of the world.
These companies operate in the home country or may operate at least to 3 or 4 more countries.
At the places where the workplace is established, the workers are employed locally.
All the employees are only from to the maximum of three countries.
As the nature of the operations is very vast, all the cases of diversity are being addressed.
Only the geographical locations, gender, physical ability are being considered for recruitments.
These companies usually operate in more than 200 countries with the employee base of about 4, 00,000 people.
Comparatively they have operations in less countries and employee only few people.
As the diversity is wide spread the challenges that have to be faced are numerous.
As the size of the companies is small with limited operations scope, the challenges are less comparatively.

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