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What are the disadvantages associated with workplace diversity?

In spite workplace diversity is associated with many advantages; the most challenging task for the organization is to successfully implement the diversity program in the workplace. While the major obstacle being for the management is practising diversity in the workplace is the pre-determined insecurity state of mind by the employees. The concept of workplace diversity cannot be taught by providing training, rather the employees need to understand the concept only then they can accept the concept and practice diversity in workplace.

Usually the employees are treated equally without considering the colour of the colour. Even this is not left without issues. The manager who desires to practice equality is not completely aware of the different cultures and the lack of this knowledge makes the manager very hard to practice diversity in workplace. Added to that, huge costs are associated for the training being provided to the employees related to workplace diversity. As sometimes it may also call upon providing training to even supervisors and managers as well.

Discrimination is being displayed by both the managers and the employees while implementing diversity in the workplace. When the background of the manager is different from that of the employee, them employees usually may not feel comfortable working with that manager.

Workplace Diversity

It works the other way round as well, even managers display discrimination against their employees who are from different cultural background. But thus discrimination is not visible, but exists in hidden manner. Discriminative is very serious matter to be concerned as productivity of the people involved is impacted directly by discrimination.

What are the different challenges in Workplace Diversity?

The starting problem for the workplace diversity is the communication issues. But this is quite natural and is unavoidable as people are from different culture and different backgrounds. But this communication lag may usually tend to effect the productivity and decrease the levels of productivity and also turn out to be a major issue of concern in team-meetings.

Even during the initial stages of training, the cultural indifferences appear. While the main aim is to develop and cultivate the habit of respecting other’s culture and beliefs, it turns out to be a different task to accommodate and implement the request of the each of the employee’s cultural beliefs which are very diverse from one another in nature.

Companies are required to hire employees whose only responsibility is to track the preferences and needs of the diverse employees. This kind of recruitment is being done in very large organizations having huge diverse employees working. For instance, the Muslim employees of a company does not want to want on Friday as it is an religious auspicious day and they would ne offering special kind of prayers. This religious request was satisfied by the company by looking out for additional staff who can accommodate the work being done by the Muslim employees on Fridays and would work on Fridays in the absence of Muslim employees.

How the changes are being implemented in Workplace Diversity?

The main purpose f practicing the workplace diversity is make the employees work together and thus achieve the tasks comfortably and thus target more high goals and thus reach them by getting all the different ideas on one table. But in reality it is observed that, it is working the other way round. Instead of bringing employees together, it is creating groups within the teams.

The groups thus formed are informal groups and prevents the employees in interacting with each other with different cultures. Employees with different cultures do not meet, socialize or spend the leisure time. This may decrease the interactions and communication between the employees and thus affect the productivity of the employees.

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