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What are Work-Life Balance Setting Goals?

One can be focused and have an aim by setting goals and is the objective of them. Goals act as the fuel to get kick started towards ambition and in achieving dreams. By having goals, one will manage his time effectively and efficiently and also sets priority to the targets in meeting them. One should learn to say ‘no’ to save time and use it on important tasks.

People get convinced by listening to your words on meeting your targets with more focus but if spoken politely and earnestly, mentioning the reasons behind it. You can appreciate if others even appreciate your efforts in it.

It is an art to say ‘no’ to someone using tactics which needs practice. To deal with such situations, an assertive approach is required. One should understand that if you want to take time for you and your concerns, you have to be firm on your statement.

Below 3 Ps will shift your focus to get more goal-oriented -

  • Positivity – one should feel energized and positive upon thinking about your goals which drive you towards achieving them. Until the goal is complete, you are keeping motivated with those goals.
  • Personal – One should feel attached towards their goals. Once you set goals, you should work to achieve them and if you realize it is someone else’s dream and not yours, you would end up implementing it.
  • Possibility – Set you goal which is achievable or gettable. Do not go for high and unrealistic expectations and you will end up in depression if not met.

For your goals to be achievable, there are five qualities that it should have −

  • Specific − goals must describable in figures and number, e.g. - 3 chapters a day
  • Mentionable − goals should invoke a sense of pride on mentioning it to friends.
  • Achievable − goals must be achievable. Ten chapters a day isn’t achievable.
  • Reflective − goals should be fulfilling a personal need or ambition.
  • Timely − goals should be achieved within a set time-frame.

Together, these qualities make a goal SMART!

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