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How does Workplace Influences Balance?

Sophie Borland, a health correspondent for the newspaper Daily Mail, wrote an article how the general practitioners are overworking in US nowadays. They warned that doctors might not be available to take an appointment by this time next year.

Companies are offering work life balance to their employees by providing equal work to life ratio to make them happy and lead healthy life as it will directly impact their work and overall productivity. Companies know that if they try to push their employees for high throughput, the results are for shorted period. Finally, employees tend to leave their job saying, “no life while working here”.

Many innovative and new measures are brought up by companies to their employees to make them comfortable at workplace. This is done by giving more freedom and space. Initially many argued that it is not going to work and result counter-productive but found that the employees feel more valued and commanding by having more control.

How Workplace Influences Balance

Company management took innovative steps like job-sharing, flexible timings, working from home, tele commuting, half-day work etc to increase the satisfaction level of employees making them to think on how company thinks about them. This makes them to work for the company yielding more output.

Companies are asking for any suggestion to the employees in key decisions. As there will be senior most people working in their respective field and have vast knowledge on the ideas that are key in implementing progress. Many managers won’t find time to discuss with each and every employee of the company, hence there comes a creative way to take suggestions that is in use nowadays is “Suggestion Box”.

Employees have their personal/social life outside the company with various commitments and responsibilities at home. Inside company, they are answerable to only their professional life. Hacked to the pressures in personal life, employees lack in performance and need a change in their working style by the management.

To make employees come out of such situations, managers should have a one-to-one discussion and encourage them towards work. Once upon, there used to be set of defined rules of decorum for people to follow the strict hierarchical string of command.

Senior Management

Now, those rules are outdated. Managers are trying to be friendlier with their employees so that they are not feeling shy to approach to their managers to discuss any personal issues. Common concerns that come to notice are health or financial issues, emotional and stress related. In dealing with such issues, managers should be more receptive and non-judgmental.

This lead to creation of Employee Assistance Programs which became huge success over past few years. Employees are getting chance to discuss their issues with their higher management and such programs are appreciated highly by them.

Employees feel like working at home when rewarding them for their contribution to the good work done and this strategy is followed recently. Employees develop a purpose to their working by forming a good relationship with co-workers instead of being treated as just workers whose job is to only work.

By listening to what their employees are saying, companies reported a huge increase in productivity and more outputs. Thanking them when they suggest innovative ideas is also a key factor.

In order to make the workplace comfortable managers organize outdoor camping, birthday celebrations and team parties.

By praising someone in meetings, providing them extra time-off, appreciation for their success and promoting them give boost to them emotionally and morally. When given these to the employees at the right time will lead to produce better results at work.

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