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What is Employee-Satisfaction Survey?

Below worksheet consists of statements that have a score-chart of 0-5, where 0 is for lowest and 5 is for highest.

3 is for something that could be true with little effort, 4 is treated as good score and worthy of being a 5.








The management appreciates new ideas.

I will stay in this organization for the next 12 months.

Growth opportunities provided here are satisfactory.

I am happy with the quality of my output.

I am satisfied with the product my company produces.

Employees are treated with respect here.

There is good teamwork here and everybody helps.

The team accepts constructive feedback.

The Management doesn’t have unrealistic expectations.

The company addresses customers’ complaints effectively.

The company addresses employees’ concerns effectively.

It’s easy to communicate here.

Issues get addressed by the direct supervisor immediately.

My supervisor knows how to identify strengths.

I get plenty of references to improve my work.

My supervisor encourages implementing new ideas.

Performance Evaluations are fair and honest.

I receive recognition for my efforts.

I am happy with the training provided to me before the job.

The working environment is comfortable.

The management has effective problem solving skills.

I am provided the tools needed to deliver the best results.

The salary provided here is extremely competitive.

The benefits are competitive to other organizations.

The management offers promotion to deserving candidates.

The management keeps its commitments to the employees.

Leadership works in accordance to the company’s mission.

I will recommend a friend to work with this company.


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