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How to Use WordPress - Spam Protection

In this chapter you will learn to protect your WordPress blog or site from possible spam. First you will have to be assured that your Wordpress script is upgraded to the latest version. WordPress automatically comes with a pre-installed anti-spam solution Akismet.

If you want to activate ‘Akismet’ on your site, then you will need a WordPress API key.

For this you will need to register at the official Website of Wordpress and you will get the key through a mail.

Now you will have to enable Akismet Spam Protection plugin by following the below mentioned steps.

Steps to activate Akismet Spam protection

Step (1) – first go to the WordPress admin area and click on Plugins and then on Installed Plugins option on the side bar as it is shown in the image below.

wordpress-spam-protection step1

Step (2) – Now you need to click on the ‘Activate’ option as it is displayed below.

wordpress-spam-protection step2

Step (3) - Now the Akismet plugin will automatically become activated. You will have to click the ‘Activate your Akisment account’ option as you can see it in the following screenshot.

wordpress-spam-protection step3

Step (4) – Click ‘Get your API key’ as it is displayed in the following snapshot if you want to get a new key or else click on the ‘manually enter an API key’ if you already have the API key.

wordpress-spam-protection step4

Step (5) – if you don’t have an API key then once you click on ‘Get your API key’ option, you will be able to view a screen like the following image where you will have to the click ‘Get An Akismet API Key’ to proceed further.

wordpress-spam-protection step5

Step (6) – at the next step you will have to enter all the information in the required fields and click the ‘Sign up’ tab as it os displayed in the following screen.

wordpress-spam-protection step6

Step (7) – once you complete this sign up procedure, you will immediately get the API key in your email address. You will have to manually enter the API key and click the ‘Use this key’ option on the screen as it is displayed below.

wordpress-spam-protection step7

Step (8) – If you have correctly entered the API Key, it will get verified in due course and you will automatically receive a confirmation message as it is displayed in the following screenshot below.

wordpress-spam-protection step8

Step (9) – Now you can ensure that your WordPress blog or site will be free of Spam as it is protected by Akismet. Furthermore, you will be able to check all the comments for spam and manually mark them as spam from the blog ‘admin area’ by clicking the ‘comments’ on the menu bar on left.

wordpress-spam-protection step9

You can also keep a track on how many posts are marked as spam and thus stopped by Akismet. This way all your posts, blogs including comments become fully secured and you can be sure that your site is being protected from the spammers who can now create no harm to your website.

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