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Using WordPress - Reset Password option

In this chapter you will learn to reset the password on your WordPresss site. You may use either of the two methods described below while resetting your password in WordPress.

  • Users
  • Lost your password

Setting your password through ‘User’ section.

Step (1) – first enter the WordPress admin panel and click the ‘Users’ option. Then click on ‘All Users’ on the side bar of your dashboard.


Step (2) – once you click the ‘All users’ option, it will show you a list of all users names. You will have to choose the one for which you want to change the password and then click on the edit tab as you can view it in the following screenshot.


As soon as you click the ‘edit’ option the screenshot below appears. In this page you will have to enter the password and click the ‘update profile’ button to save the changes.


Resetting password using Lost Your Password section

Step (3) - in this page you will have to type your new password which should have 7 characters. Then click the ‘Update Profile’ option.

Step (3.1) – if you forget your password while you try to enter the WordPress admin panel of your site, you immediately need to reset it as soon as the following message appears on the screen.

wordpress-reset-password-step4 (1)

Step (3.2) – Click the ‘Lost your password?’ Option and you will see the following page will come up. Here you will have to update uyour e-mail in the required field and click on ‘Get New Password’.


Step (3.3) – once you click this ‘get new password’ optino, you instantly get a message that says a Link is already forewarded to your e-mail address.

Step (3.4) – Now you should go to your mailbox and open the (WordPress Site) Password Reset mail and click the link to reset the password.

Step (3.5) – here you will have to type the new password and confirm it, if required and finally click the ‘Reset Password’ tab to save the change.

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