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Using WordPress - Preview Posts option

In this chapter you will learn to ‘Preview Posts’ on your WordPress site. Preview post helps you to check a post before you publish it on your website for public viewing. It is always good to preview the post before publishing it so that you can be confident about its appearance. You can modify the post as per your choice if you are not satisfied with its looks after the preview and post it on your site.

Here are the steps you need to follow to preview posts in WordPress.

Step (1) - Click on thePosts’ option first and click the ‘All Posts’ tab next.


Step (2) – if you want to preview ‘post 1’, which we have created in a previous chapter WordPress – Add Posts then you will have to bring the cursor on the name of the post. Immediately after this, a few options will come up on the screen below the title of the post. To preview the post click on the ‘View’ button as you can see it on the image below.


You can also view the post directly during the process of ‘editing’ or ‘adding’ it just by clicking the ‘preview’ option as you can see it in the following snapshot.


Step (3) – By clicking on ‘View’ or ‘Preview’ tabs you can check how the post looks like.


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