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Using WordPress Plugin Settings

In this chapter you will learn about plugins, in WordPress. This software offers immense flexibility and functionality to the user. By using WordPress plugins, even beginners like you will be able to customize your WordPress blog and site very easily and quickly. It will also offer you plenty of options to choose from. No doubt it will enhance your site’s functionality to a large extent by allowing you to add and modify various features and services as per your desired requirement.

How to add plugings?

To add the plugins you will have to follow the steps below:

Step (1) – click on the ‘Plugins’ tab on left menu of Dashboard. Then click on ‘Installed Plugins’ on top of the pop-up menu.

wordpress plugin

Step (2) – as soon as you click the ‘Installed Plugins’ buttons the following screen appears.

wordpress plugin

Here you will be able to check the existing plugins which are installed beforehand.

Step (3) - To add new plugings you will have to click on ‘Add New’ as shown in the snapshot below.

wordpress plugin

Step (4) – Once you click on this ‘Add New’ tab, a page like the below screen-shot appears with a list of available plugins. You can select the plugins from these options and directly upload just by clicking the ‘Upload Plugin’.

wordpress plugin

Immediately after clicking this ‘Add New’ tab the following screen comes up:

WordPress Plugin Setting Step 4 (a)

Now you will have to click the ‘Browse’ tab circled on the above page view. This will redirect you to the page displayed the list of plugins to choose from. Similarly by clicking on the ‘Choose File’ field you will be able to add some files from the system. Alternatively you can also select the pluging as per your requirement and click the ‘Install Now’ tab as it is shown in the next snapshot of the screen with list of plugin options.

WordPress Plugin Setting Step 4 (b)

Once the ‘Install Now’ tab is clicked, automatically the downloading process starts and the software package gets installed to your system. To use it WordPess, just click the ‘Active Pluguin’ tab and make it operative as it is shown in the screenshot below:

WordPress-plugin-settings-step 4(c)

As soon as you click the Active Pluginstab a message will come to you that the particular plugin has been activated and it will become automatically visible in the list of plugins in your system. Look at the snapshot below which will appear.

wordpress plugin

Just below the message intimating about activation of the plugin, you will find few more options like ‘All’, ‘Active’, ‘Inactive’ and ‘update Available’ etc.

Now let us discuss about these options one by one:

1.By clicking on the ‘Active’ tab you can view a page like the one below and check all the activated plugins in your WordPress site.

wordpress plugin

2.If you click on ‘Inactive’ you will be able to check the list of other plugins which are not yet included but available for activation. If you wish you can again choose another plugin and upload it by clicking the ‘Active’ field.

wordpress plugin

3.In the similar way the ‘Update Available’ field will allow you to view a list of plugins which need to be updated on an urgent basis. You will have to click on ‘update’ button and immediately get a message confirming the required updation.

wordpress plugin

4.Now look at the ‘Bulk Actions’ field in the same page. By clicking on the ‘Apply’ field beside it you will be able to access ‘update’, ‘delete’, ‘activate’ and ‘deactivate’ each of these options from the dropped down menu.

wordpress plugin

To utilize the Search Installed Pluggins field you will have to type the name of already installed plugin which in the text box as shown in the screen below. Now click the tab saying Search Installed Pluggins.

wordpress plugin

Immediately after the clicking the Search Installed Pluggins tab, a page like the snapshot below will come up which will display the respective plugin.

wordpress plugin

Step (5) – To edit your plugins click the ‘Plugins’ option first then click the ‘Editor’ tab in the side bar. See the screenshot below:

wordpress plugin

Step (6)-As soon as you click the ‘Editor’ option, the following page appears:

wordpress plugin

In this page you get the various options which allow you to edit the plugins.

Few 'edit plugin' options:

Here we will introduce you to some of the editing options, such as:

Select plugin to edit – this option enables you to choose a pluging from the drop down menu and edit it according to specific needs.

Documentation - this helps you to select different tools from the dropdown menu for editing the plugin.

Plugin files – this is used for selecting files from the available list, for edit the plugins as per your requirement.

To save and activate all these changes, click on the ‘Update File’ tab at the end of editing plugin files.

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