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How to use WordPress Media Settings

In this chapter, let us discuss about the Media Setting in WordPress which will provide you the tool to determine the size of a particular image by fixing its height and width. No doubt this has a special implication on your website as it changes the overall layout and the appearance of the site.

Step (1) – click the ‘setting’ tab on dashboard then click on the ‘media’ button in WordPress.


Step (2) – Once you click on ‘media’ the Media Settings page like the snapshot below will appear.


In Media settings you will come across the following fields which are used in setting the image sizes:

  • Thumbnail size– this option enables you to set the size of the images as small as thumbnail.
  • Medium size- this allows you to set the size of the images with medium scale height and width.
  • Large size – As its name suggests, with this option you can opt for larger images by setting the required height and width of the images.
  • Uploading files – you can check this box and arrange the uploaded images into chronological order by restoring them into folders maintained month and year wise.

Step (3) - at the end of this function to save the media setting information, you must set the dimension in pixels and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

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